The Energy and Minerals Field Institute (EMFI), founded in 1978, designs and conducts programs to familiarize selected audiences with the realities of resource development in the Western United States.

The Institute conducts field programs that take participants to energy and mineral production sites, processing facilities, impacted communities, and related resource developments.

Participants include policymakers from key Federal and State governments, organizations, agencies, committees, and their offices.

The Institute also conducts regional conferences and workshops on topical issues related to Western resource development. Since its inception, the EMFI has conducted field programs in 11 Western states plus Mexico, visited literally hundreds of sites, and hosted over 900 individuals on its annual field programs.

The Government Field Programs are funded primarily through tuition payments from a wide range of federal agencies.

Institute sponsorship provides benefits through the transfer of knowledge, the definition of issues, and the clarification of perspectives. Institute programs probe the technical, economic, environmental, social, institutional, and political aspects of many issues related to resource development.

The role of the Institute is to facilitate, not advocate; and as such, provides forums in which the transfer of ideas can effectively take place.

Attendance of EMFI Government Field Programs is by invitation only. Invitations are extended to select Federal and State government offices in May of each year, soliciting the names of nominees to attend that year's program. This will initiate a registration process to be completed by the nominees. Offices desiring to receive invitations for future programs should contact the EMFI Director using the contact information provided below.

Field Programs

The EMFI Field Programs provide the opportunity for program participants to see, learn about, and experience examples of resource development in the Western United States. Each six-day field program consists of site visits and detailed presentations at multiple production, processing, and transmission operations and facilities.

At each stop on the journey, corporate, government, and/or other experts present information relevant to issues that affect the operation's mission, the challenges faced, and the successes achieved. Travel to the locations, lodging, and meals are fully covered by the tuition payments and scholarships.

This website contains information on several prior-year Field Programs, including itineraries, summaries of the field programs, and rosters of the Program's participants. As plans are finalized, the dates and itinerary for the current-year Program will also be available.

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Further Information

For additional information concerning the Energy and Minerals Field Institute, please contact:

Energy and Minerals Field Institute
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado 80401 USA

Phone: 303.279.5563
Fax: 303.277.8683

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